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LIVEJOURNAL. weird. does anyone i know still use this? maybe i'll actually start using it again....
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i am kind of going crazy

i miss too much. too many people, too many things. too much on my mind - too many people. not getting out enough, but at the same time avoiding social events. this is all very vague, but i dont know what else to say. i dont know if i can be specific on livejournal yet. i'm not used to using it, and i have no idea who still reads my posts.

anyways, what else is lj good for if not for semi-venting about stuff that gets you down?
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i want to use livejournal more

first step: new userpics! fuck these things make me cringe.

second step: make note of things that happen in my life.

second step part two: be ok with relaying that information to the internet.

we'll see how that goes!
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haha whats up lj

so after all these years cooking, going to school for cooking, eating like a motherfucker... i FINALLY figured out how to make everything taste good: you gotta put pancetta in that shit. you GOT TO
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what do you think stephen hawking does in his spare time?

i think he plays a lot of halo online, and totally pwns noobs.
he's all "i'm in ur base, killin all ur doods" n shit.